Roads with solar panels on the high-speed Jinan motorway (about two kilometers)

Soon, perhaps, electric cars will be able to receive electricity from them wirelessly. These roads with solar panels are the second such project. In September last year, the state-owned company Quilu Transportation Development Group completed the construction of the first such road in the same city. The construction then took 10 months.

The installation technology consists in the fact that a layer of transparent material with properties and strength of concrete is located above the solar batteries. So even medium-sized trucks will be able to move along the new road. And under the batteries is a waterproofing layer.

Engineers told that in the future it will be possible to install wireless charging of cars passing through the coating. How it is possible is still unknown. Also, details about which solar panels were used are unknown. One of the photographs shows the wires that connect the panels to each other.

The construction of a road with solar panels has many critical remarks. But around the world there are various tests of their strength and the like. The Netherlands became the first country to install such a cover on the cycle track in 2014.

The example was followed by France, setting its own sunny road. Its length is 1 km. Consists of 2800 square meters of energy efficient panels.

All the skeptics had to admit defeat. More and more countries want to implement such projects. As solar panels are becoming more efficient and cheaper. In addition, new super-strong, transparent materials are being created. They are used instead of asphalt pavement.