Falcon Heavy
06. 02. 2018 Elon Musk, a hugecc Falcon Heavy rocket, is launching (online)

Elon Musk will try to release the most powerful rocket in the world with its […]

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05. 02. 2018 The most expensive medicine in the world, Luxturna, costs $ 850,000 per package

  In the United States released the most expensive drug – Luxturna Initially, the company […]

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heart bioprinting
Laboratory in Chicago is going to start bioprinting hearts

Bioprinting hearts should radically change transplantology Transplantology saved the lives of many. People received a […]

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Falcon Heavy
02. 02. 2018 Rocket Falcon Heavy will be launched in 4 days

The long-awaited launch date of Falcon Heavy will soon come Many times he loudly announced […]

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The plane overcame the intercontinental space on the fuel of mustard and kerosene!

Fuel from mustard will reduce the release of CO2 into the atmosphere For the first […]

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nasa and Russia
01. 02. 2018 “Space” news. NASA discovered a satellite that was lost 13 years ago, and Russia is testing a new way to deliver astronauts to Earth

NASA aerospace agency has restored communication with the device lost 13 years ago More than […]

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Электронная кожа
26. 01. 2018 E-skin allows you to manage virtual objects without the help of additional devices

E-skin will complement the existing progress Usually, to interact with augmented reality, a person needs […]

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Hydrogen One
In summer, the first holographic smartphone Hydrogen One

The company RED produces a smartphone Hydrogen One A year ago, a company engaged in […]

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