20. 06. 2018 Does the person’s IQ decrease every year?

Does the person’s IQ drop every year? The Norwegian researchers conducted an experiment. Young people […]

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This disease of the XXI century

Today, many people spend a lot of time on the Internet. Someone watches movies and […]

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18. 06. 2018 Is water in Dnieper safe?

It is summer now and everyone wants to go far away to rest and gain […]

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The best 5 books 2018 for girls

What could be better than enjoying your favorite book by pouring a cup of hot […]

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The ship with diamonds and pearls of the XVII century

  England found a ship with diamonds and pearls of the XVII century on the […]

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15. 06. 2018 The botulism is dynamic

In Zaporozhye, the case of the botulism has been recorded for the second time. The […]

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How to get a beautiful tan without harm to health

  It’s summertime and evrybody dreams or has already planned how to spend the long-awaited […]

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14. 06. 2018 The earlier you pay attention to your health the better

   Imagine the situation. You are a successful businessman. You have a bank account, a […]

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