Falcon Heavy
06. 02. 2018 Elon Musk, a hugecc Falcon Heavy rocket, is launching (online)

Elon Musk will try to release the most powerful rocket in the world with its […]

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Love And Producer
02. 02. 2018 Young women of China spend millions on the game “Love and Producer”

The game “Love and Producer” won the hearts of Chinese women The obsession with the […]

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пластиковая упаковка
18. 01. 2018 One-time plastic packaging will soon be banned by the European Union

The EU reacted to China’s refusal to process imported plastic garbage. Plastic packaging, intended for […]

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Hochzeitskleid Megan Markle
22. 12. 2017 Megan Markle wedding dress

Wedding Dress. Megan Markle chose a designer One of the most famous modern and romantic […]

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DNA collection
15. 12. 2017 New free medical examination in China – total DNA collection

Mass harvesting of DNA in China China is trying to create the world’s largest biometric […]

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14. 12. 2017 What is customary to give on holidays in different countries? How to choose a gifts

What you need and do not need to give in other countries? The holidays are […]

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AI can replace teachers

AI and the education system According to a United Nations study, 250 million students do […]

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fire in California Los Angeles
08. 12. 2017 Wildfire in California

The fire reached Los Angeles The fire destroys indiscriminately forest, houses of ordinary people and […]

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