10. 07. 2018 How does coffee affect the body?

Waking up in the morning, we all dream of fresh delicious and fragrant coffee. People […]

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fruits vegetavles
What kind of damage has off-season fruits and vegetables?

There are a lot of vegetables and fruits on the shelves of shops and supermarkets all […]

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09. 07. 2018 How to live a long life?

How to live a long life? The secret is revealed by the most elderly people. […]

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Dehydration of the body

Dehydration of the body is especially spread in the summer. Dehydration is insufficient water in the […]

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06. 07. 2018 Natural cosmetics

To lead a healthy lifestyle is very popular now. To do sports, eat properly, take […]

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02. 07. 2018 Influence of alcohol on the human body

The influence of alcohol on the human body can be not only negative, but also […]

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23. 06. 2018 The village of Kvasy is a relax in Carpatians

Everyone’s favorite nature of the Carpathian Mountains offers a place to relax, which is no […]

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20. 06. 2018 Does the person’s IQ decrease every year?

Does the person’s IQ drop every year? The Norwegian researchers conducted an experiment. Young people […]

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