31. 01. 2018 Strava fitness tracker gave the location of military bases

Strava gave users information on the location of military bases Various applications that help to […]

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12. 01. 2018 Who are the Amish and why do they live longer than others?

It turned out that the Amish live on average 10-15 years longer than others In […]

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10. 01. 2018 A special reovirus is found that fights cancer

Reovirus stimulates the immune system to attack a cancerous tumor Cancer is a malignant formation […]

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Winter Essen
Winter food. How to get vitamins in the cold season?

What should be winter food? In general, unhealthy food is used in the winter season. […]

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vertikale Farm
04. 01. 2018 Dubai now has a vertical farm

The first vertical farm in Dubai For many years, a number of countries have been […]

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22. 12. 2017 Found a new cure for hemophilia

British scientists have proven the effectiveness of a new drug for hemophilia Hemophilia is an […]

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19. 12. 2017 At the 2018 Olympics, Russian athletes were banned from using national symbols

At the 2018 Olympics, Russian athletes will not be able to use national symbols in […]

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Neues Jahr 2018
New Year 2018. What jewelry to choose? Colors of 2018

What to wear? How to celebrate the New Year 2018? Very soon the New Year! […]

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