Why there is a winter depression

With the onset of cold weather, people with such cognitive disorders as the winter depression are more often found. This is facilitated by a number of biological causes.
Melatonin, responsible for “craving for sleep” in the human body, is produced in the dark. At the end of autumn, the light day is significantly reduced, which leads to an overabundance of melatonin. A person becomes sluggish, lazy and passive.
Another important factor of depression is the lack of a “hormone of happiness” – serotonin. The very name speaks for itself. A lowered level of this hormone leads to a deterioration in mood, a violation of concentration, tearfulness and unwillingness to do anything.

Winter depression can manifest itself in different ways.

In some, it is more pronounced, while others carry it in a fairly easy form. Women are more susceptible to it than men. In general, there is a feeling of depression and even guilt, the desire to avoid communication with others, isolation.
In return, there is an appetite, especially for sweet, decreased ability to work (fast fatigue), apathy, memory impairment, pain in the joints. In addition, lowered immunity allows various viruses to enter the body, leading to various diseases. And so a weak man, gets a second blow. Therefore, in winter, people are more susceptible to all sorts of viruses.
But winter depression is not just all these symptoms combined. Perhaps the worsening of the mood is due to some psychological factor, and laziness is a negative feature of the character. However, in the case where most of these symptoms last continuously for about two weeks, then it is already depressed.
The winter depression is treated mainly with light therapy. There are special light bulbs that give a bright light, but do not harm the eyesight. The main thing in these procedures is that light gets on the retina of the eyes.

But there are other methods of treatment.

It is recommended to exercise, walk in the fresh air (especially if it’s a frosty sunny day).
It is necessary to do regular exercises, it gives cheerfulness to the body and does not allow to be lazy.
Communication with positive people or hobbies also lifts the mood and relieves apathy.
Amino acid tryptophan, contained in some products, is responsible for the production of serotonin. So you need to include in the diet of eating meat, soy, beans, dairy products.

It would be even better to install a lamp in the bedroom with a timer, which gradually turns on, at the set time. And then, you’ll wake up when the “dawn” has already come!