Ilon Mask completed the construction of Tesla Powerpack, meeting in 100 days

The construction of the largest lithium-ion battery, as planned, was completed by the end of November. Earlier, Tesla digging won a tender for the construction of a huge battery in South Australia. The project manager, Ilon Mask, concluded that the construction of Tesla Powerpack will be completed by December 1, a period of one hundred days and the state problem will be solved. Otherwise, the company would provide the battery for free.

The Tesla Powerpack battery has a capacity of 100 MW. In the event of a power outage, he will be able to provide electricity to 30,000 homes for eight hours. It is connected to the French wind power station Hornsdale, located nearby.

Since last autumn, South Australia has been subjected to constant sharp changes in the weather, which led to disruptions in electrification.

The reason for the collapse of the power supply system in South Australia was renewable energy sources. (mainly due to the rapid development of windmills and solar collectors). Local authorities failed to provide a balance of conventional energy, which replaces resources derived from alternative energy sources, in cloudy and cloudy weather. As a result, the country’s energy system with a population of about 1.7 million has suffered from windless and inclement weather.

Ilon Mask on Twitter congratulated the team of Tesla and the authorities of South Australia, who “worked hard to develop and establish this in record time.” The cost of the Tesla Powerpack project was $ 33 million.

Thus, the battery will help store the energy received from the sun and wind and deliver it at times of power outages.

Australia in general is very progressive and is in step with the times.

In September, Logan City in the southeast of Queensland, Australia, built new water treatment plants with solar panels. However, in the dark, the plant still needed a network connection. To solve this problem, Logan’s authorities installed the Tesla Powerpack battery system. He produced 95 kWh of energy and saved the city about 1.5 million dollars.