Winter needs a special skin care

In the cold period of the year, you need to take special care of your skin’s health. At this time, it is subject to even more aggressive effects than in the heat. After all, frost is even more dangerous for the skin than ultraviolet. Therefore, skin care in winter is extremely important in order that it does not grow old ahead of time.

Under the influence of cold, cytokines start to be produced. These molecules thicken the skin, making it rough. The complexion becomes gray. Due to the lower level of fat production, it becomes more vulnerable to external factors. And the temperature drop reduces the level of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin.

Skin care in the cold period should mean food and hydration. In this she needs more than usual.


Do not use abrasive scrubs, as they injure and so irritated skin. Gels for washing also, basically, leave the effect of dryness. Therefore, to cleanse the skin in winter it is better to use foam, mousse, or means for removing makeup with oils. Remains of these funds on the face must be removed with a tonic. But, in no case, do not rub it, but just promakivat. Such a simple action will help to increase the benefit of the cream, subsequently applied. By the way, you can not use hot water for washing, it overdry the skin. Better – warm.

Nutrition and protection

It must be borne in mind that it is necessary not only to nourish the skin, but also to protect it from the destructive effect of cold. After all, even when you have a warm jacket and thermal underwear, the face always remains open. Therefore, the composition of creams that provide facial skin care should include either silicone or glycerin, or better – natural oils of vegetable or animal origin. Of the latter – the best is the mink fat. It is known for its fantastic regenerating properties. Vaseline is not recommended, except in case of emergency. Otherwise, it only hurts.


The main thing in moisturizing is to drink plenty of water. Because the body daily loses a lot of moisture, about two liters. And of course, use moisturizers. They should include lecithin, fruit acids, stone oils and vitamin A. But the cream should be applied until 10 o’clock in the evening. Because after this time the skin starts cleaning processes. If the pores are clogged with cream, in the morning you will wake up with a swollen face.


Use face masks. Watch for nourishment and hydration of the skin. Pay special attention to the lips. Lip care products must contain oils. Do a gentle pilling twice a week.

Facial skin care in the winter requires more effort than at any other time of the year. But the result of your efforts will be shining healthy skin – a pledge of attractiveness.