The game “Love and Producer” won the hearts of Chinese women

The obsession with the mobile game “Love and Producer” is on an increasing scale. According to the scenario, the heroine wants to save her father’s company. She falls in love with four men, and the relationship with them – part of the plot of the game. Quartz magazine writes that in January alone, Chinese women spent $ 32 million on purchases in it.

Love and Producer “- today is the most popular game in China among women. She has over 2 million active users. In the AppStore of this country this app is the very first among the most popular. Jiguang calculated that last month the players invested at least 200 million yuan (about $ 32 million).

The main character must resume the popular show and thereby save her father’s company. The plot of the game is such that it fall just four – Lee Zeyan, Bai Qi, Xu Zhou Mo and Qilu. And all four types, it seems, are favorites of preferences of Chinese women. The first is a general director, rough outside, but with a “gentle soul”. Second – commando, which, of course, gives a woman the opportunity to feel “like a stone wall.” Another type – a very smart young man, whose genius is just off scale. Well, the last hero of the story “Love and producer” – ladies’ man, is popular among women, carefree, creative and romantic.

But you have to pay for everything.

That’s what the Chinese have to spend “purple crystals” to meet with virtual guys. The expenses also go to support the show. With the help of investments, you can increase the creativity of the show staff and help them make the right decisions. All this in the end raises the company’s rating, and the hero-girl goes on the next mission. During these missions, she can earn those notorious pebbles of purple. But you can go more easily and just buy them for real money. That the girls, who fell in love with “Love and Producer”, willingly do.

The application was developed by Pape Games, whose office is located near Shanghai. This is not their first successful work. In 2015, they offered users Miracle Nikki, which also came in many liking.

But “Love and Producer” is a fundamentally new game, a bit not typical. For example, women who play it can receive calls from their “guys”. True answer can only be offered by template responses, but this is enough for realism. The user simply presses on the screen, and before him there is a story, and the plot rotation depends only on him.