The scientists from the United States of America found that yoghurts could prevent depression. This useful product both improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and has a beneficial effect on the psyche.

The experiments on rodents have shown that the use of yoghurt reduces the likelihood of the appearance in the blood of harmful substances that can provoke depression.

The scientists have concluded that yoghurt is the best natural antidepressant that does not have side effects.

Yoghurt against fatigue

The study showed that this food product helps to accelerate the withdrawal of lactic acid from the muscles. Accumulating in the body, this substance causes a state of fatigue in humans. Thanks to yoghurt, discomfort disappears and mood improves.

Home provisions

To make yoghurt really beneficial, it is better to cook it yourself. Moreover, it is not difficult. It is enough to buy a special ferment in the store and add it to the milk. After a while, a useful product is ready. And if you add a little homemade jam to yoghurt, you will get a real treat.