Can not gain weight, despite enough abundant food and regular workout?

Do not despair, you just need to correctly determine the cause of failure. If exercise and optimal nutrition do not work, the problem is likely to be genetics.

Who is an ectomorph?

Ectomorph  – one of the three types of physique of a man, which, as a rule, is characterized by the presence of a low level of subcutaneous fat, high growth. They are thin, have narrow shoulders and thin bones.

One difference especially distinguishes them among the other two types – an increased rate of metabolism. This means that food caught in the digestive system is “burned” extremely quickly, in the end – there are too few calories, and the body begins to burn fat. For people who have problems with obesity, this property may seem even tempting. But those who want to get better, or even gain relief mass, have a problem in this. No matter how much they eat, nothing comes out. In addition, even doing hours in the gym, it was not possible to increase the weight.

How to gain weight ectomorph

Immediately it is worth to clarify that it will not work for a month. There’s no point in hoping for a super-fast result, it’s simply impossible.

There is no such formula: “2 sit-ups + 3 push-ups = 100 grams of muscle somewhere in the press area”.

But subject to certain specific rules and recommendations, the weight will grow slowly and steadily. And not accumulating in one particular (desired) part of the body, but evenly distributed. Subsequently, it will be possible to practice isolated exercises aimed at working out specific muscle groups, but in the initial stages of ectomorphic workout all exercises should be basic. The ideal program for ectomorphs includes three basic elements: workout, nutrition, and rest for recovery. If you ignore one of these three elements, the result can be reduced to zero.


So, the optimal workout of the ectomorphs should consist of basic exercises, preceded by a warm-up. All this should take no more than 45-60 minutes.

The warm-up should last 5-10 minutes – not too long, not to start the fat burning processes, but also enough to warm up. Run or exercise on a exercise bike. Try to use all the joints and muscles. You can simply perform swings, rotations, torso, squats without extra weight (a couple of minutes of the whole workout). The main rule – warm-up should be short, warming up, we only use our own weight!

Exercises are performed for 4-6 repetitions with five-minute respites, a total of 3-4 approaches. Do not take too heavy immediately, you need an optimal load. Weight should be such that you feel a very strong tension in the muscles, but you could fully follow all the approaches to the end.

So, three basic basic exercises:

  • squat
  • deadlift
  • bench press

There are other exercises, but these are quite enough for the first couple of months. Their advantage is that they maximize the use of the entire body, which is necessary in our case. Otherwise, the body will simply spend more calories, instead of getting hypertrophy (that, then makes it increase the mass).

Workout should be 2-3 times a week. It is often not necessary, because muscles grow during the period of rest between heavy workout (this takes two or three days), overworkout will only hurt.


Workout will become absolutely meaningless if the body does not receive a portion of the necessary nutrients to replenish the energy spent and the desired growth of the mass. Therefore, the food should be balanced, thoughtful and regular.

In our case it is necessary to follow the following recommendations:

  1. You need to consume more calories than to spend
  2. Eating up to 5-6 times a day
  3. The norm of fat in food should be about 20% (fats of vegetable origin, or fish oil)
  4. You need protein food (meat, eggs, cottage cheese, fish, legumes, milk, you can add protein), the protein rate for 1 kg of weight from 2 grams of protein per day
  5. The intake of quality carbohydrates (cereals, macaroni from coarse flour), especially in the morning. You can get a geyner (in it there are both carbohydrates and protein, but it’s best not to use it for the night).
  6. It is necessary to distribute meals evenly throughout the day, especially paying attention to the metabolic window (within an hour after exercise, at which point everything is digested especially well)
  7. Every day, drink about three liters of water, do not forget to drink a little in between exercises
  8. Take vitamins and minerals
  9. Do not skip meals


Usually it takes about two to three days to recover, but sometimes more time is required. Therefore, if you feel that the body is not yet fully rested, do not do it. But also do not forget that skipping a workout can get you back to the starting point. You need to be able to feel your body.

During sleep, the most complete recovery of the body occurs, on its success depends on the recruitment of muscle mass. It is necessary to sleep at least 8 hours a day, if you can relax during the day – wonderful.

It is also necessary to completely eliminate stress from life, as they take a huge amount of precious energy. Therefore, negative emotions – aside, with optimism for life, and everything will turn out!

Errors during workout

Naturally, a beginner, starting to study for the first time, makes a lot of mistakes. All can not be counted, but I would like to save at least the basic.

So, when dealing with “iron”, you need to properly distribute the load, so as not to damage the joints and spine.


  1. Do not forget that you need to bend the lower back
  2. When doing sit-ups, do not turn knees to each other!
  3. When lifting a barbell or dumbbells, bend the lower back, and lift the weight straight, without twisting the body, so that the muscles, and not the joints, work as much as possible!


In cases requiring long, regular efforts, motivation is desirable. Make plans for workout, see motivational videos on the Internet. Motivate yourself with all sorts of incentives, gained 2kg of weight, please yourself with something pleasant! Think about why you want to achieve results, and remember this when you want to surrender! Remember that only persistence and perseverance will help you achieve your goal!