It turned out that the Amish live on average 10-15 years longer than others

In the study, which involved 177 Amish from Bern, the scientists managed to establish that one in four of them has a mutation in the SERPINE1 gene, which is responsible for the regulation of the PAI-1 protein. This protein affects the coagulability of the blood and the aging process. Amish, which showed a mutation, terminal chromosome segments, telomeres, which in fact protect and preserve the integrity of DNA, were 10% longer than other people. In addition, the level of insulin and the cardiovascular system were in absolute norm. And all this – the factors that virtually prevent the aging of the body.

Who are the Amish?

Amish is a Protestant denomination, a conservative religious movement. Most Amish in America and Canada, where they came from Europe, fleeing persecution. They are distinguished by an extremely simple way of life, a rejection of modern technology and many amenities. Do not build any religious buildings, gathering, mostly at home. Almost all Amish services are conducted in Pennsylvania-German. The creed of the Amish is built only on the basis of a literal interpretation of the Bible. And practically do not spread it to others. You can say that they transmit faith from generation to generation. And due to the fact that marriages are solely with co-religionists, the Amish form a kind of closed society from the outside world. Almost all families in the Amish have many children, which contributes to very rapid population growth.

They have their own schools, and more often than not, Amish children complete 8 classes of secondary education that are compulsory in the United States. Often, it and it is practically not useful, because they are from small childhood help parents on family farms and fields. They do not enjoy state support in medical, pension, social insurance. And the problems are resorted to help the community. Also Amish are pacifists and do not pass any military service. Even in court to protect their rights, they are rarely served.

Baptism occurs consciously, by faith, children are not baptized in infancy. Interestingly, at the age of 16, everyone is given the choice of being baptized and joining the Amish church, or abandoning baptism and leaving the community. During this period the teenager gets acquainted with the “outside” world. There are cases of gross violations of the local charter by such children, but the church does not punish them, because they have not yet made a final decision. But practically all make decisions in favor of joining the church.

Amish are engaged in manual labor, mainly agriculture. The main qualities of the Amish are modesty and simplicity.

In appearance, Amish is easy to distinguish from the rest. Women wear headdresses, men wear beards. In colors they are kept, they are rather dark than light ones. Women’s dresses are long, to shoes, less often – to calves. Men wear pants on suspenders. Fasteners such as lightning, Velcro, Riveting do not apply. Sneakers, caps, belts are not worn. Women do not cut their hair, do not paint, do not wear jewelry.

In homes, they do not use electricity, which means that they can not access the Internet, a telephone or a computer. Do not drive vehicles – in return – carts with horses.