There are a lot of vegetables and fruits on the shelves of shops and supermarkets all year long. Their variety and appearance does not change depending on the season. Why is this happening?  What kind of damage has off-season fruits and vegetables? Sellers and manufacturers use some tricks that we consume vegetables and fruits all year round, is it winter or summer. Farmers break off not mature fruit and process them with different solutions or gas in order not to deteriorate and retain their original appearance. In stores, unscrupulous sellers continue to process fruits and vegetables with all sorts of chemicals. Here is an example. Bananas are still green, treated with a special gas to quickly mature and not spoiled. Apples are covered with paraffin so they have an attractive look. Such fruits require special treatment. It is desirable to completely cut the apples. Cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes need to be soaked in cold water, so that the harmful substances are released into the water. In addition to processing all sorts of chemistry, almost all manufacturers use nitrates and pesticides, which are especially harmful to our body. A large number of such substances are contained in off-season vegetables and fruits. Nitrates adversely affect the gastrointestinal tract, the cardiovascular system, cause headaches. Therefore, it is better to avoid buying cucumbers and tomatoes in winter and buy better frozen or canned foods. It may be figs or persimmons. They contain many more useful elements. In the summer, choose a home crop.