What you need and do not need to give in other countries?

The holidays are coming. It’s time to collect gifts for friends and relatives. Almost every country has its own rules about what gifts can be given, and which can not. If you are going to celebrate holidays abroad, and do it for the first time, it is easy to make a mistake in the etiquette of gifts. Here are some rules for choosing gifts in certain countries.

In European countries there is a “taboo” on some gifts. For example, in France, only her husband can give a perfume to a married woman. In Germany, it is improper to donate office supplies, especially diaries, because it will be regarded as a hint of non-punctuality. Flowers are generally a separate topic. They need to be given only if you know that a person will understand the intentions correctly. So, in France to give red roses – then definitely express passion.

In the United States, recently, it is customary to give gifts with tags and checks. This is done for a practical purpose – to exchange it, in case the gift does not fit. Therefore, if you decide to act in accordance with the outdated rule of good taste, and cut off the label, you risk insulting a person.

In some countries, gifts are given special attention

Muslims should not give alcohol. Therefore, when buying sweets, it is necessary to carefully study the labels to make sure that they did not contain any alcohol. You can not give anything that is associated with unclean animals (pigs, dogs). Even images with them are considered insulting. If you give leather products, check out which animal’s skin it is made of. Caution does not hurt at all when donating foreign objects, much can be simply unacceptable. In addition, presenting a gift for a Muslim, keep in mind that it should be done only with your right hand (left – considered unclean). If you are a man, and decided to give flowers, give them to the owner of the house, not his wife.

The Chinese love to receive gifts, but it is very difficult for them to give something. Even if something causes bad associations, or sounds bad in their native language, it will cause a negative reaction. Men are not given weapons – it is believed that it spoils the friendship. White and yellow flowers can not be given, because they are associated with funeral ceremonies. Snowflakes resemble white chrysanthemums, because also they are not accepted by the Chinese. Watches can not be given, because this word is consonant with the Chinese words “death”, “death”. But wristwatch – you can. The umbrella can not be given too (it sounds like “disperse”, “leave”). Many animals symbolize something bad, because with this you need to be careful.

In Japan, it is not customary to give candy and toys to the New Year. People who are ripe should not be given potted plants, because this is associated with land and a cemetery. The subjects of the gift should in no case be four or nine (these numbers mean “death” and “pain”). With white flowers the same story as in China. It is desirable to give gifts without unnecessarily bright packaging.