Healthy food has become a real trend in the modern world. People are no longer limited to ordinary vegetables and fruits, but prefer to eat exotic roots, seeds or fruits that contain a very large amount of useful trace elements. Such products have received a special name – superfoods.

As a rule, people order this exotic fruit from abroad (America or Asia), not paying attention to the high cost of these products. Despite the vitamins contained in this food, the doctors advise treating it with caution. After all, such products are not characteristic of our region. If you decide to try superfoods, start with a small portion.

The most popular superfoods

Asai. This berry comes from South America. It contains amino acids that have a beneficial effect on the digestive and cardiovascular system. Asai is sold in the form of a powder that can be added to food.

Kinoa. The seeds of this culture have been used for food for hundreds of years. They contain cellulose, which cleanses the body. These seeds are added to salads or used as a side dish. Flour from the kinoa does not contain gluten.

Goji. These berries are poisonous in fresh form. Use them only dried. These berries are considered to be a dietary product, which helps to reduce weight. Using goji, you can brew tea or add it to different dishes.