Yesterday, January 25, 79 years was celebrated since the birth of the legendary poet, artist, and actor Vladimir Vysotsky. There is hardly a person who has not heard of this name. Vladimir Vysotsky lived a short but bright and saturated life. His work has become an integral part of the life of many people worldwide.

Author and performer of music

Vysotsky is a brilliant singer. He can’t be fit under the traditional canons. A special heart-breaking manner of performance of his own works does not leave the listener indifferent. Simple lyrics are so skillfully composed, that hurt the strings of the soul of even the most pragmatic people.

The repertoire of Vladimir Vysotsky includes many works. And each of them is written so deep. But it is very clear to the average person. Songs of the bard give confidence, push to perform noble deeds, make us think seriously about life, urge not to go on about the crowd, and be guided by your own mind. It is worth listening to the song “Chuzhaya koleya”, and once it becomes clear that it is necessary to choose your own path in life, and do not move the trodden way.

The singing work of Vysotsky is divided into cycles. And each of them tells about something special. War songs, lyric, composition, dedicated to various professions… It is difficult to list all that has been created by the poet. In his work, you can find a song for every occasion.

Great actor

Vladimir Vysotsky acting talent is not in doubt. He played on the stage of the Taganka Theater, realizing a variety of images. Hamlet, Galileo, Svidrigailov (Crime and Punishment), Kerensky (Ten Days that Shook the World), Khlopusha (Pugachev) and many other memorable roles were recreated by the actor.

Films with the participation of Vladimir Vysotsky can be reviewed many times. Captain Gleb Zheglov of “Mesto vstrechi izmenit nelzya,” Ivan Ryaboy from the movie “Hozyain Taigi”, radio operator Vladimir of “Vertical”. And this is only a small part of great actor roles. In each image, Vysotsky brought a piece of himself. This is especially noticeable in the films, where he was allowed to perform his own songs.

For 42 years Vladimir Vysotsky has created a huge legacy. People admire it even three decades after the death of singer and actor.

Play songs of Vladimir Vysotsky here.