The film “The Mummy” was a failure.

Recently, a well-known American website published a list of films, which were criticized by the public. This site is called Rotten Tomatoes and exists since 1998. This site contains a list of reviews of films from the most famous critics of the United States. And it was this year the new “Mummy” became the worst film according to critics. And many experts are sure that in the career of Tom Cruise this is the worst film. Also, the Mummy could not compete with the films “Miracle Woman” and even with the original Mummy.

Who is to blame for this?

In connection with such events, the studio immediately began to analyze all the work and understand why the film was so disastrous. And in the end the main character, namely Tom Cruise, was to blame. Authoritative American media in the film industry wrote that the whole team accused the actor because of excessive control. As it turned out, Tom Cruise during the filming of the film constantly tried to lead the process. Eventually, on the initiative of the actor, the plot was completely changed. As reported by the studio Universal, a contract was signed with Tom Cruise, according to which the actor has the right to change the plot, as well as making his own adjustments. Also, the actor himself took over most of the expenses for the marketing campaign. It was Tom Cruise who initiated the movie’s release in June.

Tom Cruise has allocated more screen time to his role than to the role of the Mummy. Also, the actor wanted his image to be more lyrical and because of this in the film there was a new twist in the script. Perhaps, it was such radical decisions of the actor that became the reason why the new “Mummy” appeared on the lowest lines of the rating. Tom Cruise himself did not comment on this event, but he was pleased with his game and the film, in general. Therefore, this situation did not affect the actor himself. And the film studio itself did not admit its guilt and is sure that if Tom Cruise had not interfered with the whole process, and did not change the original plot, then the failure could be avoided.