To date, there is a huge number of very diverse professions. Some need to be trained for dozens of years, but preparation takes only a few minutes. Their variety is incredible. You did not even think about the existence of some, and others hardly ever succeed in calling them professions. So, the TOP of the most unusual professions!

Some of the most unusual professions in the world

Taster of cat food

Who decided that the cat food is “incredibly crunchy” or “juicy”, and in general, “the most delicious”? A taster is a person to whom your pet should be grateful!! The taster uses different methods to check the color, taste, consistency and other parameters of the feed according to the established standards and personally tastes it.


But not simple, but a rammer for subway passengers! In the metropolitan areas of China, the number of people using the services of the subway has grown so much that such an unusual vacancy has appeared. The task of this person is simple – gently “push” the last passengers deep into the car so that the door can be closed freely.

Penguin Reverser

Penguins are cute birds, and yet – curious. And this fact caused the emergence of the next unusual profession. The fact is that in some penguin habitats, aircraft often fly over them. With interest throwing his head toward the source of the noise, these not very graceful birds lose their balance and fall on their backs. It looks pretty funny, but penguins can not rise from such a position. Here the owner of one of the most unusual professions of the world comes to their aid.

Water slides tester

All those who like entertainment and extreme can only envy such a “job”. The main responsibility of this person is testing of water attractions to the level of pleasure obtained from them! Well, can this be called a rude word like “work”?

The author of the predictions for Chinese cookies

A long-standing “thing” of many restaurants. It brings a bit of strangeness and variety to the traditional food intake, entertains visitors and their friends. You open a cookie, read a note with a prediction, you believe, or just laugh. But who really “predicted” its contents? The representative of one of the most unusual professions is the author of predictions in cookies.

“White” hacker

Some talented hackers had the opportunity to work “on the side of good.” Large companies are willing to pay about $ 125,000 a year to masters who know their business, so that they test the vulnerability of systems, because for them the leakage of information can be fatal.

Toilet guide

Well, everything is clear here. In large cities in China, where it is very easy to get lost, such a person is simply necessary. And in his work book there will be an honorary entry “The civil servant”

Here are just some of the most unusual professions in the world, there are still “live mannequins”, chocolate engineers, ants catchers and even professional “hugers” (in Japan).