The hryvnia strengthened, inflation has slowed down. During June of this year, inflation slowed by almost 10%, while in May the inflation rate was almost 12%. The NBU explained that such results arose due to good weather conditions, therefore, the percentage of new food consumption increased.

Not only has inflation slowed, the hryvnia has strengthened since the beginning of this year and has been keeping its course for several months. The current dollar exchange rate is 26.24, whereas in January it cost 29 UAH. In January, the euro set an anti-record – 35 UAH. The hryvnia will not last for long.

Strengthening will not become stable and long-term. This is a seasonal phenomenon and it is associated with the end of the heating season, cause gas began to buy much less. Specialists also argue that the strengthening occurs for agrarian reasons, due to export of products and sale of currency. Alexander Kramarenko – economic journalist advises to buy imported goods during the strengthening of the hryvnia, if you have planned it for a long time and could not decide to take them. But in the beginning of September the hryvnia exchange rate will gradually fall, as it was a year ago.