The rapper Prodigy was afflicted with sickle-cell anemia.

The singer was born in Queens in 1974 as a healthy child. But at the age of one year he was diagnosed with a terrible illness, with which he had to live the remaining years. As the rapper Prodigy wrote in the autobiography “My infamous Life”, the doctors found him sickle-cell anemia. This disease is very common among black people and mulattoes. In the process of an ailment the body produces blood cells of irregular shape, namely sickle shape. The correct blood cell should be in the form of a disc. Sharp corners of cells when oxygen is delivered to the body tissue cause very severe pain. In addition to the constant pain caused by this disease, people also suffer from fatigue, ulcers and cardiovascular diseases. According to the research, the average life expectancy of people suffering from this disease is 40-60 years.

The rapper Prodigy struggled all his life with sickle-cell anemia.

The disease pursued him from infancy and became his lifestyle. As the rap artist himself said, his whole life is a constant change from insane joy to wild pain. Since childhood he has tried to walk slowly to prevent attacks of pain. He did not pay attention to his peers who always joked with him. More than four times a year throughout his life the rapper Prodigy underwent courses of therapy in clinics. But the treatment did not work, and the pain intensified with every passing year. Because of the constant pain and humiliation at an early age, the perpetrator tried to commit suicide. He was rescued, but the problems did not disappear anywhere and Prodigy began to abuse alcohol and marijuana, and then switched to strong drugs. Also at a young age, the singer began to engage in drug trafficking and theft.

Prodigy was one of the most famous rap artists in history.

It was at this time that the rap artist began to study hip-hop and met Kejuan Muchita. Muchita, better known as Havoc, became a partner of Prodigy. Together they recorded their first album in 1993 under the name “Juvenile Hell”. After it they released “The Infamous”, which became the most popular album in the duo’s career.

The rapper Prodigy told in his autobiography that the illness made him an insensitive and not emotional person. From 2008 to 2011, the singer was sentenced to three years for illegal possession of firearms. During this time, he seriously took up his meals to stay healthy. He also continued to support people suffering from the same illness. In this regard, he published a book of recipes based on nutrition, which helped for a while to forget about the pain. In an interview, rapper Prodigy recalled that the fans approached him at one of the concerts and asked how he fought through the pain and how he survived.
In many respects, the rapper was grateful to the creativity that helped him not to commit suicide and not die from an overdose of drugs or in prison. He learned to fight the pain, from which people die at an early age. Thanks to his sincere desire to create good music, Prodigy has become popular throughout the world.