To become Ukrainians and obtain citizenship, foreigners must prove their knowledge of the state language in accordance with European standards

Citizenship is a stable legal relationship between specific people and states. The state must recognize, guarantee and protect human rights and freedoms abroad. Citizens are required to comply with national laws, and fulfill certain obligations. The system of rights, obligations and legitimate interests, its implementation and protection are guaranteed by the state. Decisions on deprivation of citizenship in Ukraine are made by the President of Ukraine. Article 4 of the Constitution of Ukraine provides for unified citizenship.

By the end of the year, a test has to be developed that meets the European standards. A special group of experts from leading universities of the country will be created with the involvement of independent foreign experts. The Ministry of Education quality will, of course, be attracted too.

The Cabinet of Ministers is preparing a test in Ukrainian for those who want to obtain a Ukrainian passport.
That the government needs such a check, the government began to speak in October. Such neobozodimost not a surprise, while many countries have long had such “tests” before obtaining citizenship. It was strange, on the contrary, it was not necessary to pass such a test.

“The need to develop and implement an internationally recognized certification exam in the Ukrainian language as a foreign language is explained by the growing number of citizens wishing to confirm their knowledge of the Ukrainian language. We are talking about students of general education institutions in Ukraine who come from abroad, refugees, migrants, those who apply for the citizenship of our country, “said Deputy Prime Minister Vyacheslav Kyrylenko.

This issue is on the agenda for a long time, and by the end of the year the government plans to form a working group for the development of the exam.

Sergei Ganko adds: knowledge of the Ukrainian language at a level that allows you to speak it, is one of the requirements of the law “On Citizenship of Ukraine.”

“This standard exists for a long time, but the verification mechanisms are different. They are determined by the Cabinet, and today, according to the law, we accept from applicants for citizenship a certificate, diploma or certificate of studying the Ukrainian language. And now a single exam is being prepared.

An important stage in the introduction of language tests will be the adoption of pan-European recommendations on language learning. This document was approved by the European Union in 2001. It is used to assess language proficiency in Europe. It is clear that all the examiners will be divided levels of knowledge.

It is assumed that a person can write, listen, speak and read at all levels.

The language test is the norm for European countries. For example, in Poland you must pass oral and written exams to obtain a passport. A similar situation exists in Latvia, where it is necessary to pass three exams simultaneously: to acquire knowledge of the language, the history of the country, its rights and anthem. At the same time, if exams can not be surrendered, a person also receives a passport, but he is “non-citizen”. With such a document, one can not vote, participate in elections as a candidate and work in state structures.