The best cartoons for the whole family

Children all the time watching cartoons. Adults often join them. For many people, this is a good way to relax and distract from unpleasant thoughts. But, more and more often, it takes more time to find a good film with a good meaning than to watch it. Therefore, based on the number of views and ratings from different sites, we present the best cartoons.

The Lion King

The cartoon has several parts in which it is told about the “royal family”. Leo is a kind and wise king of beasts. He inherited the heir – Simba. The family lives happily in their kingdom. The father teaches the son of justice and order. But it’s not so simple. The uncle of the baby is an envious pretender to the throne. With the birth of Simba, his chances of becoming a king have diminished noticeably, and there is a vicious plan in his head …

Rapunzel: The Tangled Story

Relatively new cartoon. Describes the lost princess with incredibly long magical hair. Evil stepmother locked Rapunzel in the tower, not allowing anyone to see him. But then there is Flin Ryder – naughty thief. Meeting with him can change a lot in the life of a girl …


The kid, who grew up in the jungle and was brought up by gorillas, grew up. A group of scientists came to the wild for research, among them the beautiful and cheerful daughter of the chief researcher. Savage collided with her. But will she accept a jungle pupil as an equal person?


Multfim of a cool car-racer. The star is a bit “nose-lifted”, which repels all friends from him. Once he gets a chance to understand that fame is the only thing he has. Will he be able to exchange universal recognition and success for something more sublime?


This story is futuristic and represents a picture of the future, in which we can soon find ourselves, if we do not correctly prioritize. The main character is a robot, who, as it turned out, has more emotions than people who have gradually forgotten about feelings.

No less good: “Cold Heart”, “Spirit”, “Kungfu-panda”, “The Adventures of the Emperor.” For watching these cartoons you can and laugh a lot, and here and there to think and even cry.