Messenger Telegram Pavel Durov wants to protect with the help of a blockchain

For Telegram, the issue of protection is very important. Governments of different countries insist that their special services be provided with materials for correspondence. They are motivated by the fight against terrorism and corruption. If Durov does not agree, he is at least threatened with fines, and also blocked with the messenger. And, most likely, in the near future, he uses blockade to protect against this kind of actions.

In the New Year, the Iranian authorities blocked Telegram because of citizens’ protests. According to the government, the messenger could serve as a good help for the protesters, helping them to better coordinate the actions. Although Telegram previously blocked the society of protesters for calls for violence.

Durov said on the page in Twitter that the team is working on creating a blockchain by blocking. How exactly this is possible remains unknown. But in the first quarter of this year, an announcement should be made. This innovation can serve not only to bypass the locks, but also add a number of other advantages, such as the transfer of funds directly into the program.

The blockade itself is arranged so that the data transmitted in blocks are connected in a chain of blocks. And in order to create a new block, you need to consistently read the information of past blocks. All data is constantly accumulated in the block system and a database is being compiled. From there it is impossible to remove or replace something. And there are no limits in the amounts of these blocks. Of course, most of all, the blockade became known due to the most widespread crypto currency – Bitcoin