NASA aerospace agency has restored communication with the device lost 13 years ago

More than ten years ago, in 2000, the IMAGE spacecraft was launched. His goal was to obtain images of atmospheric plasma. The goal was achieved in two years, but in 2005, communication with the Earth was lost. NASA found the satellite lost forever (after the system of the device did not restart, despite the eclipse of the sun) in 2017.

And so, this month, an amateur astronomer noticed it in the night sky. For several weeks, NASA confirmed that it was that satellite. This was a difficult task, since the hardware and operating system of that model had long been obsolete and not used.

As a result, the Johns Hopkins Laboratory of Applied Physics received data from IMAGE. However, now it will take no less time to analyze the information received. In this device, in addition to its technical state, new information collected during all these years can be found. So, by accident, NASA discovered the loss.

Russia is testing a new system for the return of astronauts

And in the Crimea in the near future, it is planned to test a new system of returning astronauts from orbit. The basic principle of the capsules has not changed for several years. But after the development of new spacecraft, the company invented a new method.

The first samples will be tested on the peninsula. Their weight is yet three tons, but the final weight of the capsules will be approximately 9 tons. They will be dropped from a great height with the help of Ka-32 and Mi-8 helicopters. The check includes parachute deployment indicators, engine response, and of course – landing quality.

The developers claim that the use of such equipment will be reusable. Therefore, the tests should show which inaccuracies may need to be eliminated. And after a successful test, they will be immediately launched into production.