Social network Twitter will compete against excessive aggression and hatred on the Internet. To do this, the representatives of the company will search the users whose accounts have been blocked because of inadequate, offensive behavior towards others.

Consequently, such users will not be able to create profiles on Twitter. They will be permanently excluded from the online community.

Also, additional measures to ensure the psychological safety of users will be taken by the company’s employees. During the execution of the search, messages that contain offensive content will be inaccessible to people. In addition, the search will delete the comments that are not related to the topic of discussion and may be offensive.

Anti-Aggression Code

The actions of the representatives of the social network are subject to the Code of anti-aggression, which was signed by the companies such as Microsoft, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter in the spring of last year. The meaning of this document is to remove extremist content on the internet resources. It is also stipulated the possibility of blocking suspicious accounts. To perform all the actions, the companies have to form a special group which members will monitor this issue.