Sexual harassment of Trump

The story began a long time ago, a year ago. Then several leading publications published stories of four women accusing the current president of harassment. The reason for this revelation was Trump’s statement that he never molested women against their will. So in the press unsightly details of the sins of the head of state.

Now the number of such accusations is growing. Already 17 women complained about sexual harassment of Trump. Senator Kristen Gillibrand led a company that wants to hold the president accountable. She calls on the president to resign himself. A new wave of charges is triggered by Trump’s latest imprudent statement on Twitter against Kristen Gillibrand. He hinted that earlier she was “ready to do anything” for the sake of his contribution to the company, and now he is against it. This statement was regarded by many as insulting. The senator replied that Trump would not be able to silence women who had learned how shame the head of state had brought to the Oval Office.

Socium recalls a story with Bill Clinton, who was convicted in connection with Monica Lewinsky. They say that at this time, this trick would cost the president a seat. And if less powerful personalities are deprived of their jobs for this, why should they say goodbye to the “face of the country”?

Sexual harassment of Trump gives reason for his opponents to prepare the ground for his removal from the presidential post. Trump himself denies all accusations, joking that if they could not prove his connection with Russia, they came up with a new way to blacken the name.

But the theme of sex scandal is increasingly being picked up by the media. Adds to the fire oil is also the promulgation of Trump’s words from a conversation with Billy Bush, where the president indecently expressed himself about women and noted that famous men can do anything.