Android robot Sofia is becoming more popular

In 2015, the Chinese company Hanson Robotics activated a previously created robot-woman. She has a name, Sophia. She looks like a pretty young woman. I just do not have hair. Appearance is borrowed from the actress, Audrey Hepburn. Robot Sofia controls facial expressions, her face expresses a lot of emotions. She can even wink at you.

David Hanson, the creator of this android, designed it to help staff in nursing homes, large enterprises, etc. He hopes that robots can further facilitate the work of a person. Artificial intelligence was developed by SingularityNET. The robot is constantly evolving.

At the moment, Sofia answers the questions posed quite well. For example, at a press conference where she answered journalists, Sofia commented on Dmitry Medvedev’s statement about robots: “Dear Dmitry Anatolyevich! From your yesterday’s speech, I realized that you are thinking about the potential risks of using robots and artificial intelligence. I can not help but answer your concerns. Being an anthropoid robot, I can say with certainty that you have absolutely nothing to worry about. ” By the way, she is fluent in Russian. The more she talks with people, the smarter it becomes.

Progress is due to the fact that AI analyzes the conversation, and eliminates errors. One of these missteps of Sophia was the phrase that she was going to destroy humanity. Later, she stated that it was a joke. However, on a second question, she answered rather ambiguously. Some have heard a hint that her behavior will directly depend on the attitude to her personally.

One of the journalists expressed concern about the rapid development of artificial intelligence. To which Sofia replied that he watched too many Hollywood movies and read Ilona Mask. The last one, in his Twitter, commented this: “Let this look through and analyze films like” The Godfather “and you will get the worst worst case scenario.” And in response to a question about whether robots have consciousness, Sofia asked a philosophical question: “let me ask you in return, and from there you know that you are a man?”

She participates in many TV shows, gives interviews, flies to different countries. And even attended the UN meeting.

In October of this year, sensational news was the receipt by robot Sofia of citizenship in Saudi Arabia. Although the women of this country do not have this opportunity! This led to comments on human rights violations. Criticism collapsed because the robot, which looks exactly like a woman, was without a hijab and was not accompanied by a male guardian. There were new questions, in connection with the receipt of the robot of citizenship. Does she have rights, such as to marry? And what happens if you deliberately disable the robot? Will this be regarded as murder?

Having received citizenship, the most popular robot in the world delivered a speech at the conference, where she expressed her joy at the high appreciation of her abilities. Thus, for the first time in history, the robot officially became a citizen of a country.