Adam West died.

Most recently, the world lost one of the most famous actors of the last century. On June 9, the media reported the death of the public’s favorite. As it was known earlier, Adam West was ill with leukemia, which was the cause of death. This event happened in Los Angeles, where the actor lived. At the time of his death, he was already 88 years old. The real name of the actor William West Anderson, the scenic image of Adam West, the actor himself invented himself when he came to Hollywood in search of work.
Adam West was remembered by the next roles.

He was most remembered as Batman for his acting career.

The actor played the role of Batman in the most popular series of the 1960s. During the series on the actor starry glory fell. He began to be recognized and invited to other projects. Unfortunately, by the third season the series lost its popularity, because of what the shooting was stopped. After the end of the project, Adam West was out of work and could not find a worthy role. In the 1980s, the actor seriously engaged in the scoring of children’s serials and cartoons. Also, Adam West became a caricature of himself in the animated series “Family Guy”. A fictional character, namely the mayor of the city, became the prototype of a well-known actor. In addition, Adam West himself voiced his hero. Also, the actor tried himself in the animated series “The Simpsons”, and in many other works of this type.

It is worth noting that West was invited to play a major role in the film “Diamonds Remain Forever.” The role of James Bond was supposed to go to him, but the actor refused. Such a decision, he argued that Bond is British, and the American actor can’t play it properly.

Also an interesting fact from the acting life of West was the invitation to shoot the series The Big Bang Theory, in which the actor conducted a comparative analysis of the acting of all Batman for all the years. And, of course, he gave himself the best Batman role.

The actor was married three times and has six children from different marriages. The death of a famous actor became known from his family, who all this time were with him in Los Angeles. According to them, the death was predictable, because for many years the actor struggled with a deadly disease and could not defeat it.