Pardon of the turkey – part of the celebration of Thanksgiving Day in the US

November 23 in the US celebrated Thanksgiving. The holiday has deep roots and gained a lot of tradition (a ceremonial pardon of the turkey is one of them). On this day in New York, there is a parade with huge inflatable toys. The procession annually attracts a huge crowd of tourists. In addition, Thanksgiving Day is considered one of the most important family holidays. The whole family gathers at a set table, each says that a good thing happened in his life this year, for which he can be grateful. On the eve of all, they buy food for celebration. All this merry turmoil is the beginning of the season of winter holidays.

The tradition of pardon in Thanksgiving

There is an unusual tradition, firmly entrenched in the United States since the reign of Bush – the pardon of a turkey. It is believed that the idea of ​​the holiday arose even under Lincoln. The story is told that his son loved the gifted turkey so much that he begged his parents not to serve him on the table.

Now it turned into a ceremony. It is held in the White House and implies the solemn election of the bird to an honorary role. Each year, the National Turkey Federation selects about 30 birds, which become candidates for pardon. They are fed from the hands and accustomed not to be afraid of people. But only one of them will avoid the fate of being eaten at dinner. One more is chosen for the festive table in the White House. In addition, the second bird plays the role of “spare” (in case of illness the first, etc.).

Trump pardoned turkeys

This year, President Trump chose Dramstick and Wishbone. Birds, born in Minnesota, weigh 21 and 17 kg. After the ceremony, they will go to the other, previously pardoned by Obama, the birds. These turkeys are kept in Virginia, where they will live out their days at the Polytechnic University.

However, the pardon of the turkey is rather contingently. They are specially fed too tightly, and for a long time they do not live.