Office work can lead to health problems

Work on the computer is accompanied by a long seat. Scientists have long proven that it is harmful to sit. Office work in the vast majority – sedentary. But this position of the body is unnatural and no nature is provided.

Long sitting is more harmful than even smoking.

If the seat is not seated correctly, the entire weight, which should be evenly distributed to all muscle groups, is transferred to the pelvis and spine. There is pressure on the internal organs. The strained muscles of the neck clamp the bloodstream. The effectiveness of insulin decreases, there is a risk of developing diabetes. Naturally, the load on the vertebrae increases, especially on the neck and lower back. Blood in the legs stagnates, which leads to varicose veins. Heart disease and the risk of obesity also accompany those who sit for a long time. And this is a wonderful basis for the development of stress, because in this case, cortisol is produced.
It’s even more dangerous to sit with your leg on your leg. Especially women. This causes thrombosis, cellulite and obesity of the thighs. In addition, it is very harmful for the genitourinary system (the risk of inflammation and even infertility).
Men have a risk of prostate disease.
Also, office work at the computer causes dry eye syndrome, when the mucous membrane of the eye dries up due to insufficient blinking.
Therefore, it is necessary to drink plenty of water.

Sitting is more harmful than just not moving

And you can not make up for it with training.
Many have developed a constant habit of sitting, and they do not notice it. But if after a long work at the computer, a person rises from a chair, he feels numbness in some parts of the body, which indicates a disturbed blood circulation.
Therefore, you just need to take small breaks to get a little exercise. Approach the employee, instead of sending him messages. Walk on the stairs. Do not neglect breaks, go. If there is an opportunity to do gymnastics or warm-up, be sure to use it.
Many people think that the problem is in the chairs. But even the most thoughtful design does not eliminate all the side effects of sitting. Of course, it is much better to use a chair without a fulcrum, which forces the person sitting on it to move. Or a fitness ball. But still, if you have the opportunity, minimize the seat. At least at home, move more.