In winter, people are deficient vitamins a lot. Fatigue accumulates, mood swings or even depression occur often. A person is more susceptible to various diseases. Women are worried about the extra kilograms, which are deposited at the waist in the cold season. How to deal with all these troubles? Nutritionists consider that the kiwi will be a real helper in this difficult struggle.

The second name of the fruit is Chinese gooseberry. Useful properties of kiwifruit have been known for a very long time. The scientists say that it is even more useful than lemons and oranges.

Natural antidepressant

Biologically active substances, contained in the kiwi, help to fight chronic fatigue and stress.

Help in the fight against viruses

Kiwi contains a large amount of vitamin C (even more than citrus fruit). If you regularly eat this fruit, it just strengthens your immune system.

Dietary product

Kiwi is rich in a large complex of vitamins and minerals. They help to cleanse the body, remove toxins and waste products. Dietary properties of this product are estimated by nutritionists. Chinese gooseberry is often included in the ration if you want to lose weight.


The experts recommend eating kiwi in its pure form, as a smoothie, in the salads. Also, Chinese gooseberry goes well with meat dishes. It helps to digest and absorb junk food quickly.

Be careful

If you are suffering from diseases of the stomach (ulcers, gastritis, hyperacidity), it is best to refrain from eating kiwifruit. Also, give this fruit to children with caution. It can cause allergies.