What to wear? How to celebrate the New Year 2018?

Very soon the New Year! All with excitement expect the holiday, and what will bring next year. We prepare gifts, decorate houses. And the question arises, what colors are better to use for the decor of the house and festive attire?

If you do not know what color to choose in the New Year-2018, then give preference to the yellow (golden), because it is known that this year is called the year of the Yellow Earth Dog. In the philosophy of the East, yellow was the sacred privilege of the emperor’s family and was associated with precious gold. This color symbolizes wisdom, constancy, and also the feminine principle. “Lucky” flowers this year are also considered green, yellow, red, brown and purple.

This year’s fashionable flowers will be red grenadine, autumn maple, golden port, shaded spruce and golden lime. This was reported by Pantone.

Add these colors to the interior, not just in clothes. You can, for example, buy a pair of pillows of yellow color, or curtains.

It is believed that in the year of the Dog, it’s better not to overdo it with chic. It is better to choose an outfit without sparkles and not too glamorous. Best of all – simple, natural fabrics. After all, a dog is a very domesticated and loving creature.

If jewelry, then from lapis lazuli, opal and diamond. These stones are considered to bring luck in the New Year 2018.

How to decorate a Christmas tree?

Gold color is perfectly combined with silvery and purple. In addition to various toys and ribbons, the holiday atmosphere will be presented with a LED garland. You can cover the branches of a tree with artificial snow, so you bring a little winter fairy tale into the house.

You can also decorate the tree with natural materials – cones, dried ringlets of oranges, cinnamon sticks, beads, briar-berry, and even feathers, which, combined with artificial snow, will enhance the effect of snowdrifts.

Bows. Different sizes, colors, made of different materials, they can easily become a thematic decoration. But in combination with garlands and balls, bows do not interfere. You can make them yourself, or you can just buy them.

With your hands you can make and bulk snowflakes from paper. Also, you can include fantasy and use bright candy as a decoration. Even burnt out light bulbs can be successfully turned into Christmas toys, covering them with sparkles. Such decorations will help make your festive interior original and unique, because creativity and individuality will be shown.

Often an idea with waves of organza is used. Strips of fabric are used by the type of tape. They bandage them, weave them into a Christmas tree. You can add garlands-beads.

New Year 2018 is recommended to meet under certain rules. You can adhere to the color palette of Feng Shui, but you can just give free rein to taste and fantasy. It does not bring joy that simply does not like. Therefore, if you do not like yellow color, take any other, choose the perfect combination to it, and in a remarkable decor it will become your “lucky color”.