Inventions Disney Research

Disney Research has been engaged in innovative developments for many years, which sometimes have nothing to do with cartoons. At the moment the network comprises six laboratories. They collaborate with scientists and experts of Carnegie Mellon University and ETH Zurich.
Lately, many interesting projects have been created. In particular – in the field of robotics.

Disney engineers worked on improving hydraulic motors. They managed to significantly reduce the friction of the pistons, which helped to get rid of delays in the transfer of impulses.

Visual technologies also did not stay aloof. An editor program was created that allows you to combine video from different cameras into a single whole. The program algorithm automatically finds the object to be shot, then determines the best view and creates a smooth transition between them. Due to this, amateur films are able to become quite suitable for pleasant viewing.

From visual developments, engineers moved to tactile. So, using a two-dimensional gradient of the screen, an image that has a relief map can be “felt”. This effect is achieved due to weak currents that generate, respectively, “depth” of the virtual image, vibration which simulates relief of the object. Moreover, you can make a “touch screen” with “relief”.

Disney Research Laboratory created a system that allows blind and visually impaired people to feel fireworks fingertips

Feeling Fireworks was recently created. The bottom line is this. On the membrane screen water jets are fed from five sprayers located behind it. Different pressure, droplet impact force, speed – all this creates a firework effect on the surface of the membrane. A blind man, touching it, can feel with his fingertips what he can not see. The broadcast signal of festive fireworks is processed, and it is transformed into tactile signals. The system will help in real time to observe a colorful spectacle for those who did not previously have this opportunity.