What can be useful for graphene?

What exactly is graphene? This is one of the forms of carbon, one atom thick. But graphene has simply amazing properties that can later be used in the latest developments. The prospects for its application are simply enormous, but they are also ambiguous so far.

Despite the fact that this material is very thin, it is incredibly durable. One sheet of graphene, an area of ​​a square meter, can withstand up to four kilograms of weight. Also the material is very flexible. This makes it possible to use in the manufacture of heavy-duty filaments. And, the usual “graphene” rope will be stronger than steel cable in strength.

The material has very good electrical and thermal conductivity. Although it is very flexible and transparent. It can be used in solar batteries instead of indium selenide (which is much more expensive).

Electronics can be flexible due to the properties of the material. Have already come up with flexible displays. Devices created from graphene can be very compact and even miniaturized due to its strength and unique properties.

Graphene is 200 times stronger than steel, the lightest material in the world has been created from it – airgel.

Recently found another application of the material. It is possible to use it as a water filter. After all, graphene lets only water, leaving everything else. In the future, this can significantly reduce the cost of desalination.

In general, graphene can become anything: the basis for creating hyperspectral chambers, bulletproof vests, space technology and much more.

Recently, it has been proven that adding graphene to the composition of asphalt road surfaces will help make it much stronger. In the heat, this coating will not melt too much, and crack in the frost. At the same time, the service life is doubled.

Some scientists managed to “feed” graphene silkworm. The strong yarn that he produced had electrical conductivity, and can be used for wearable electronics.

It would seem that its properties are already fully understood, but it contains new surprises. It was noted that it is possible to add other molecules to it, or to remove some of its composition. At the output we get completely different properties.

For the discovery of graphene by Geim and Novoselov, the Nobel Prize was won.

There is a stir around the world, related to the possibilities and use of nanomaterials. A lot of companies around the world compete with each other in inventing new technologies related to it.