When hearing the word “museum”, we usually imagine dusty exhibits, placed in huge halls. But this is an outdated view. A visit to the museum should not be boring and tedious. Contemporary art galleries impress with their creativity and uniqueness. It’s time to break stereotypes. New world museums demonstrate to visitors not only paintings and bones of mammoths but also more interesting things.

What can be seen in the modern exhibition halls? Anything! Different food, ordinary things with deep meaning, the whole exposition of contemporary art can be exhibited. Everything depends on the vision of the founders and organizers of the exhibition.

Museum of Bad Art in Boston

The name speaks for itself. Here are the works that raise some doubts among art lovers. The museum’s collection consists of 600 showpieces.

Medical History Museum in Brussels

Exhibition halls of this institution full of items that are sure to be interested in anatomy lovers. Here are wax figures of people: from the healthy to the infected with all sorts of diseases at various stages of the illness.

Lie Museum in Kyritz

Showrooms are competing for the right to show exclusively original exhibits. And in the Lie Museum, there are no original items, only copies.

Pasta Museum in Rome

You can both learn the history of the origin of the product and see a huge number of different types of pasta. You can see a series of photographs that depict celebrities eating spaghetti.

Museum of Dreams by Sigmund Freud in St. Petersburg

In this gallery, there are two rooms. In the first, the visitors can get acquainted with the life and work of Freud. And in the second – to get to sleep. Fuzzy exhibits give an opportunity to each person perceive them individually. Studying things from different angles, you can see completely dissimilar things.

Museum of unhappy love in Zagreb

Museum exhibits are things that remain after breaking up with beloved person. According to the founders of the exhibition, giving things to the gallery, people easily live through a break.

And this is just a small list of the amazing places in the world created by human hands. There are also different museums: sewerage, corduroy, marijuana, mummies, whispering, death, advertising brands and many other usual things.