New building material was developed by the British company Kite Bricks. Small blocks have improved soundproofing and hold heat better. In addition, new bricks are equipped with the special fasteners that allow to connect them quickly with each other easily.

This building material is made of high-quality concrete. Compared with ordinary bricks blocks, new ones are lighter and more compact. Connection sockets on every brick are similar to the children’s constructor. Protrusions and recesses support not only more secure fixation, but also a possibility of various communications gasket inside the wall.

New building modules are available in different configurations. With their help, it is possible to build a structure of any size and complexity. Since the development and production of the building material are carried out exclusively on computers, there is no doubt that all the items have qualitative fastening.

Special glue

To enhance the strength of the future buildings, new bricks’ inventors have also developed a special glue. It is applied on both sides of the tape, which is routed between the bricks. Thus, the clutch of the materials increases.

According to the developers, these blocks will significantly simplify the construction of high-rise buildings because it will be possible to abandon the use of cranes.