The effectiveness of Skyectiv-3 ICE will reach a record 56%!

Mazda intends to create engines that will pollute the environment four times less. Of course, it is not yet known how the engineers intend to increase the efficiency so much. Also, it is not yet clear when the Skyactiv-3 ICE goes on sale.

Nevertheless, the company claims that the new engine will be as eco-friendly as the electric motor. This, of course, given the emissions of CO2 in the generation of electricity and the entire process of creating an electric vehicle. But this will be possible only if it is possible to increase the efficiency to 56%, and this figure is practically the maximum possible for such an engine.

ICE Skyactiv-3 is very powerful, but it has a low level of pollution. He compresses the mixture of air with gasoline, and then ignites with the technology of spark ignition. Due to this, at the same fuel consumption, 30% more power is transferred to the wheels.

While it seems incredible, and Mazda does not tell how it is going to achieve such indicators. But the company should hurry, because the popularity of electric cars is steadily increasing. Prices for electricity with the introduction of renewable energy sources are getting cheaper. The line of new electric cars is expanding. Different companies compete in the speed of their release to the mass market.

For example, in France, more than 90% of electricity is generated without the release of CO2 into the environment. And the EU is tightening the laws for the production of cars on ICE. So electric cars have an incomparable advantage.

But still, for several decades cars on traditional fuel will not disappear completely. Therefore, Mazda’s attempts to somehow improve internal combustion engines are praiseworthy.