What is a loft and how it originated

Loft – one of the most modern and popular styles in the interior.

Literally from English this word means “loft”. Why so, it becomes clear from the history of style. In the forties in the United States, the cost of renting land in the city center began to increase sharply. In this regard, the factories and other industrial enterprises were forced to be transferred outside the city limits. Buildings of former factories were sold for a pittance, and many took advantage of this. In general, such premises were in demand among young artists, writers and musicians – creative personalities who held various exhibitions and meetings in the furnished buildings. So, gradually getting used to, these premises turned into cozy interiors of apartment houses. And soon the cents climbed to the skies. So, the abandoned warehouses turned into expensive loft-style living quarters. Their owners are mostly creative, freedom-loving personalities, or simply followers of fashion.

The style is very original and unique. Its distinctive features are the presence of industrial elements and a lot of free space. In the style of the loft, you can often see sticking beams, “bare” brick walls, pipe elements or cement floor. At the same time, we can say that furniture is often even more comfortable and cozy than in more “classical” styles. Basically these are large leather sofas, luxurious wooden beds, shelving. Often furniture is one bright color accent of the interior.

Since the loft implies the absence of partitions, a bedroom, a bathroom and a bathroom are often moved to the second floor. In this interior, rough walls, high light ceilings and huge windows through which a large amount of light enters the room. Furniture is not attached closely to the wall to create the effect of a light, not heaped up space.

Harmony of opposites – so you can say about a combination of architectural solutions in the loft style.

There is an easy touch of antiquity, for example, metal staircases or frayed walls, and at the same time – modern technology, glass and chrome elements of decoration or decoration.

Ventilation and communication structures are not hidden, but on the contrary – are underlined. Fireplaces and stoves used for heating are the highlight of the style. Conquer the loft and the fact that all materials used are natural and natural. And although all this does not look bright, loft is considered one of the most expensive interior styles.