When this country is mentioned, art samples such as paintings, sculptures and architectural masterpieces come to mind. Most of them are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Romance of Venice, the charm of Florence, the greatness of Rome – in Italy there is something to see. In addition to man-made beauty, the country has colorful Mediterranean landscapes. And in the north of the country there are the Alps with their authentic beauty.

In Sicily there is the Valley of the Temples, where the remains of prehistoric temples are preserved. This excavation site is in Agrigento. This place is famous throughout the world for the most part at the expense of the Temple of Olympian Zeus. The huge figures of the Atlanteans served as load-bearing structures of the building. Each height of 7.5 m.

The Cinque Terre National Park, which is on the west coast of Italy. Its name means “five lands”. It consists of five towns, located among the mountain slopes near the coast. There are many monuments of medieval architecture – temples, sanctuaries, palaces and other buildings. These colorful towns so contrastingly look against the background of sea waves, beating against the rocks. The atmosphere is unique.

In Florence, of course, you should see the Uffizi Gallery. It is one of the most beautiful museums in the world. It collects the works of Giotto, Botticelli, Mantene, Correggio, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Durer, Rembrandt and Rubens. These names speak for themselves.

Rome, as always, does not cease to brag about the Colosseum. And not for nothing – such a large-scale greatness as he has a little construction. Impressive and size, and the way of construction, and incredibly massive and yet sophisticated style of the amphitheater. This is perhaps the most visited place in Italy.

The cave city of Sassi di Matera is carved right in the rocks. It is, in fact, a labyrinth of caves and passages with historical relics.

Pompeii is known to all because of the scale tragedy of antiquity – the volcanic eruption of Vesuvius. Lava flows in one day turned the city into ruins. During the excavation, fossilized bodies buried beneath the lava were discovered. In one place they found a frozen group of people trying to hide from imminent death.

But there are also paradise places in such a multifaceted country

Amalfi – coast with colorful villages, drowning in the green on the background of the mountains. An ideal place to relax, soak up the sun and just relax.

The Vatican is something unique not only for Italy, but for the whole world. This is a fully autonomous state. In addition to the religious purpose (the Catholic center of the world), the Vatican can boast of a wealth comparable to a few countries and so many art monuments that not every country, even a larger territorial country can boast of.

And, of course, the falling Leaning Tower, the incredibly romantic Canals of Venice, the great number of grandiose fountains, Assisi – the town in the mountains, the Aosta valley with the alpine rivers, Lake Como, the Grottoes and the caves of the Frasassi gorge, the Trulli in Alberobello – all are not without attention; it just makes tourists crazy, fell in love with Italy from the first vzlyad.