The White House gave a report on health of Trump condition

After the media repeatedly published information about the visible signs of mental disorder and the deteriorating health of the ruling US president, he decided to disclose the results of the medical examination.

During the first year of his tenure as president, Trump managed to make a lot of enemies. They, in turn, constantly irritate the head of state with fake news about him in the media. The whole of America talks about Trump’s laziness, his love for fast food, and now also about possible dementia. Impulsive decisions of the president, his irritability many opponents would like to write off on the corresponding illness.

But as the personal doctor of the president, Ronnie Jackson has assured, condition health of Trump is excellent. Recall that the 45th president of the United States is already 71 years old. At the same time, the annual medical examination showed that he has no pressure, palpitations and other important indicators. Short-sightedness does not even require wearing glasses. Such a state of health of Trump doctor explained good genetics and the lack of bad habits. In Trump’s family, no one suffered from heart disease or diabetes. The doctor is sure that the president absolutely does not drink alcohol, does not smoke and generally – carefully follows hygiene.

True, the president should pay attention to weight – he was only half a kilogram to obesity. Weighs a Tramp of 108.5 kg with a height of 188 cm. Affects a sedentary lifestyle, – explains the doctor. The only sport that the president enjoys is golf. But even then, he prefers to watch than play himself. The situation is exacerbated by the lack of a healthy diet in the diet. It’s no secret that Trump prefers fatty, high-calorie food from McDonald’s. While the weight of the head of the country is within the norm, but still “on the brink”. The doctor advised the president to lose a few pounds.

In general, Ronnie Jackson’s speech at the press conference is nonsense for the White House. It lasted about an hour, and was extraordinarily detailed. The doctor himself said that everything he said was true.

And the most important thing for the public is Trump’s mental health report. Jackson said that there are absolutely no cognitive or mental disorders in the head of the US at the moment is not observed. This statement refutes suspicions in schizophrenia, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease. All this – no more than rumors, – the doctor is sure. The proof is the results of the test – 30 out of 30 possible points scored Trump. The test is an analysis of mindfulness, concentration and long-term memory. It is not complex, but the point is that people, for example, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, can not pass it without error.

In general, if you can blame Trump in oddities, then solely attributing it to his character!

However, journalists found, nevertheless, a “clue”. They published a list of medicines that Trump uses. And among them finasteride was found. It is used as a remedy for alopecia. But several studies of well-known laboratories have shown that regular use of the drug can lead to potency and – mental disorders and suicidal tendencies. However, it was not possible to establish a direct relationship between the use of finasteride and suicide. But the opponents of Trump again have reason for suspicion.