Today almost the whole world celebrates Valentine’s Day. But what do we know about this event? We should congratulate our soul mates, give gifts, declare of love. And what else? Here are the most interesting facts relating to this romantic celebration.

Patron of the mentally ill

According to the representatives of the Roman Catholic Church, St. Valentine is the patron of people with mental disorders. On this day, the Germans decorate the psychiatric clinic with bright red ribbons.

Prohibited celebration

This holiday is officially banned in Saudi Arabia and Iran. Local authorities believe that Valentine’s Day encourages debauchery and licentiousness.

Original traditions

In the Netherlands, during Saint Valentine’s Day, women make a marriage proposal to their beloved people. If a man refuses, then he must present a silk dress to his lady.

Male holiday

In Japan, February 14, it is decided to congratulate the men only. For women, there is another holiday – White Day.

Objects of love

Not only beloved people but also animals receive gifts for Valentine’s Day. According to the statistics, in the USA more than 9 million people endow their pets with presents. And the inhabitants of Foggy Albion send cards in the shape of hearts even for your favorite horses.