How to open docx files and other types of documents on your phone

Although many smartphone users only use them for communication and entertainment, sometimes it becomes necessary to open documents on an Android device. In such cases, we often find ourselves in the position of a helpless person who cannot see the contents of the file. To solve this problem, you need to understand how to open docx files and other types of documents on your phone.

First, it should be noted that many smartphones already have a built-in document viewer. For example, on my Xiaomi, without installing additional applications, I was able to view PPTX, HTML, TXT and other files. However, keep in mind that such viewers only allow you to view the contents of files, but not edit them, and not all smartphones have such built-in tools.

Edit docx files

If you need to edit documents, you may need to install additional applications. For example, to open docx files on Android, you can use an application that supports this format. One such application is WPS Office, which allows you to not only edit docx files, but also work with other formats, from PDF to PPTX. If we are talking about a TXT file, then you can use a special editor or document viewers to open it.

If you need to create a PDF yourself

As for PDF files, they usually open without problems on Android devices using the standard viewer or the additional apps that were mentioned earlier. If you need to create a PDF file yourself, then any text editor, including Microsoft Word and WPS Office, allows you to save documents in PDF format.
Finally, XLSX files are spreadsheets created in Microsoft Excel and can be opened on Android with the appropriate apps.

Open files on Android: list of document software

On Android, you can use various document management software, including the WPS Office suite. Another way to open XLSX files on Android is to use the Google Sheets app. XML on Android is an extensible markup language format that you can open with the XML Viewer application, which also allows you to edit XML files. To view HTML on Android, it is enough to use any browser, from Google Chrome to Opera Browser. If you need to edit HTML, use the TrebEdit application. PPTX is a presentation file that can be opened with a standard viewer, but to create presentations on Android, you will need special programs such as OfficeSuite or Google Slides.

XLSX, XML, HTML and PPTX files

Files in XLSX, XML, HTML, and PPTX formats can be opened with the standard Android viewer, as well as other programs such as WPS Office or Google Sheets. However, if you come across files with the SIG or DjVu extension, you will need special programs. SIG files can be viewed by changing the file format, and to create signatures in SIG format, use the CryptoARM GOST application. To open DjVu files, use the dedicated book app for Android.