Improve memory is possible

Every day we come across a lot of different information. Much of what we perceive, we do not really need. But at some point, some realize that they do not remember the information that is really important. Often forget the keys, or other items, long can not find the right word to express themselves. Often these symptoms point to atherosclerosis, which is mainly sick elderly people. But the memory is increasingly complaining of the young. Studies have shown that the reason for this could be that we simply do not train the memory. After all, with scientific progress, people’s laziness is increasingly fed up. You do not need to remember even passwords from social networks, the browser itself “prompts” them. Thus, memory atrophies. And therefore a good way to improve it – special training. In addition, the brain must receive the necessary nutrition. Also, it would not hurt to take life out of life, since it is one of the most negative factors. So, 5 tips on how to improve memory.

1. More fresh air.

Walk on the street, do not be lazy. Ventilate the room, especially in the morning, after sleeping. Oxygen is necessary for normal brain activity.

2. Train your memory

To do this, there are even special programs that you can upload to your smartphone, or do online. But it’s not necessary to do it this way. It is enough to gradually increase the exercise memory load. The essence of them is directly in memorization. Whether it’s poetry, or a chain of words, or learning foreign languages ​​- this is training. Start with the simple. Try to learn by heart something short in verse form. Suitable even for children’s poetry, but better, still, something more useful and complex. For example, let it be a nursery rhyme in a foreign language. In the morning, repeat what you have learned. Later, complicate your task. Texts should become longer, and the meaning of words is more complex. Read “smart” books and magazines. The brain will automatically learn new information. Rewriting text, typing on a computer, reading out loud helps improve memory. Exercises will cause the brain to strain. And this is the way to success

3. Avoid stress

The human body in general reacts negatively to stress. Women are especially affected by this. Anxiety about and without it. Cortisol is produced. This reduces the level of estrogen required for memory. Do not worry about what you can not control. By the way, physical training is recognized as the best way to increase stress resistance. So half an hour a day in the gym will help you improve memory.

4. Eat right

Memory directly depends on the level of cholesterol. As the overabundance narrows the blood vessels, which prevents oxygen from entering vital organs. If you have headaches, heart pain, fast fatigue and memory impairment, pay attention to the level of bad cholesterol. Eliminate from your diet alcohol, foods high in sugar and fat. You need sufficient intake of iodine and B vitamins. Drink plenty of water. Add nuts to the menu.

5. Sleep more

This advice will surely please you more than the previous ones. But sleep is really very important for the brain. After training you need rest. Before the next load, it’s worth getting a good night’s sleep.