In rainy weather, hardly anyone will dare to go out without an umbrella. This accessory both protects the person from bad weather and complements the image. How to choose an umbrella? What should people pay special attention to?


When choosing an umbrella, decide where you will carry it. If you plan to keep an umbrella in your purse, you should choose small-sized items. They are easy to fold and hide in a bag. Umbrellas-walking sticks are not folded, but they are more reliable and durable.


If you decide to purchase an umbrella, select the deployment mechanism: semi-automatic, automatic, double automatic or manual. The most convenient is a double automatic. This umbrella opens and closes automatically. Frankly speaking, the price for such products is the highest.


The spokes and handles of the most reliable umbrellas are made of steel, and the dome is made from impregnated cotton. The cheaper umbrellas are made of plastic or aluminum. Before buying, you should decide: you are ready to immediately spend a solid sum and get a qualitative product, or periodically buy a new umbrella, giving a little money.