British scientists have proven the effectiveness of a new drug for hemophilia

Hemophilia is an extremely dangerous disease. It is associated with a violation of blood clotting. In a healthy body, with damage, the process of blood clotting is started. This can be seen with the naked eye, when the blood flowing out of the cut thickens and turns into a kind of “cork” that prevents bleeding. In a person with hemophilia, even with minor injuries, blood does not clot. And this in case of deep injuries (it can be a tooth torn out) can be fatal.

The disease is hereditary and rare. But sometimes those who do not have such a gene will also be woken. It is usually transmitted by the female line, but manifests itself in men. Although in recent years, more and more cases of illness in devrychek. Among the famous people, the carrier of hemophilia was Queen Victoria, because the disease is sometimes called “Victorian” or “royal”. Alexei Nikolayevich, the Russian tsarevich, had hemophilia.

At the moment, this disease is incurable, but all the time, research is being conducted to find a medicine. Recently, British doctors conducted an experiment on a new medication, and it proved to be very effective.

The result of this study was published by the journal New England Journal of Medicine. Hemophilia is associated with impaired coagulation factor VIII. Patients with this disease are regularly injected with factor VIII. It should be noted that until recently, the coagulation of blood was an unexplored process. Now more and more information can be obtained, and it becomes possible to come up with new ways to combat violations of normal functioning. And scientists decided to use a genetically modified virus that stimulates the production of this factor in the patient’s body.

Thirteen people with hemophilia participated in the experiments. A year ago they were injected with this virus, and until the end of the experiment they were not supposed to take other medications from their illness. As a result, in 11 out of 13 volunteers, the level of content of the coagulation factor went to normal, or closer to normal, level.

One of the doctors who conducted the study explained that such results are really stunning. Normalize the level of factor VIII in the body suffering from severe hemophilia is a real breakthrough in this area. Of course, many more studies and experiments are needed to track the effectiveness of the drug in the long term.