If you are tormented of winter spleen, pay attention to your diet. It is proved that the food is able to improve mood. The main thing is choosing the proper products.

January is one of the most depressed months. This is due to the cold, the last holidays, after which you need to get to work again, a lack of vitamins. Junk foods and sugar also impair mood and health. To avoid this, pay attention to certain foods, which should be in your diet.

Food that can help you

Black chocolate. This product increases the amount of the hormone of happiness. Prefer chocolate with a high content of cocoa (not less than 70%).

Red fish. This product contains a lot of omega acids. A piece of salmon or trout can help to cope with depression.

Eggs. This food is rich in vitamin B12 that can lift your mood while the blues.

Seeds of pumpkin. This product is rich in magnesium. The lack of this trace element often triggers the development of depression.

Lean red meat. This product contains iron, which reduces fatigue. Consequently, the state of health improves.

Oatmeal. This porridge regulates a level of sugar in the blood. The gradual change in this indicator prevents the racing mood.

Barley. Carbohydrates contained in the cereals, promote the production of serotonin – the hormone of happiness.