The city court of Yessentuki has issued a verdict for the detention of former Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. According to the representatives of the Russian court, the arrest of Arseniy Yatsenyuk is related to the fact that he is suspected of banditry. It is also reported that on February 21 this year the politician was put on the international wanted list.

Corpus delicti

According to the investigative bodies of the Russian Federation, Yatsenyuk took part in military operations on the territory of Chechnya. He opposed the Russian troops as part of the nationalist battalion. In addition, for his activities, the Ukrainian politician was awarded the “Honor of the Nation” by Dzhokhar Dudayev.

At the same time, Ramzan Kadyrov claims that he did not see Arseniy Yatsenyuk during the military operations in Chechnya. Ahmed Zakayev, one of the leaders of the Chechen separatists, also denies the participation of the Ukrainian politician in the fighting.

Comments of Arseniy Yatsenyuk

On his page on the social network, the politician wrote that he learned about his arrest from the Ukrainian embassy in Russia. It was there that a decision came to arrest him. The former Prime Minister called the accusations of the Russian side ” complete nonsense.”