Portugal introduced the slogan and logo of Eurovision-2018

The country, where this year will be the most famous song contest, showed the Eurovision-2018 logo. Slogan is the phrase “All Aboard!”.
This is very symbolic, because Portugal at all times opened Europe to the ocean. The logo is presented in various variations (there are only 12 of them). In all there is a marine theme – whether it’s a jellyfish, or a silhouette of seaweed. The project managers are very pleased with the logo, believing that the ocean can inspire everyone.

Inviting “on board” all, the country thereby proclaims hospitality and tolerance. Forty-two countries will participate. Initially, the question was the participation of Ukraine and Russia. The incident with the non-admission of the Russian participant, Julia Samoilova, to this contest in Ukraine, was the reason for the sanctions. In return, Russia refused to broadcast the Eurovision on some channels. David Goodman advised to fine Ukraine, and verbally warn Russia. In late August, Ukrainians officially announced their participation in the contest. But Macedonia refused this time.
In Eurovision-2017, Salvador Sobral brought victory to his country. Thanks to him, this time for the first time the contest will be held in Portugal. For a long time there was debate about the city in which the event would take place. But the best candidate was Lisbon. A special commission overseeing the preparation process, recently stated that progress in this direction is very obvious. The city copes with the task perfectly. On May 12, 2018, the final of Eurovision-2018 is to pass.