In the near future, the March of Equality will be held in Kiev. Is Ukraine ready?

One of the popular news for today is the decision to hold the March of Equality in the capital of Ukraine. Marches of equality have been common in Europe for many years. The population of countries refers to this kind of activities with absolute tranquility and understanding.

Opinion of the population on this issue.

Most people focus directly on the democratic structure of countries. Full freedom of speech and action in relation to one’s life is a priority for them. Undoubtedly, there are also those who disagree with such festivals. At the same time such people show their discontent and aggression in a small amount, which once again shows tolerance and respect.

March of Equality in Warsaw.

Just recently, the parade of equality was held in Warsaw, in which almost 5,000 people took part. People came to the square to pay attention to the need to take into account the opinions and the vital position of people of sexual minorities. It is worth noting that the March of Equality is held in this country for the fourteenth time. The parade is gaining more and more people who are not afraid to be special and a little different in the eyes of ordinary people.

A pleasant bonus is the support of activists by the government. Before the parade began, authoritative politicians of the country appeared on the stage, who in their speeches reported that without diversity, there can be no freedom. Such festivals, in their opinion, should take place in all countries of the world. Representatives of Christian groups also took part in the festival. For example, a group of LGBTQ Christians who emphasized that people who converted are not alien to human beings. Non-traditional orientation for them is not a sign of a person’s defectiveness and his atheistic position.

How was the March of Equality in Odessa.

In Ukraine, a similar festival was already held in 2016 in the city of Odessa, and gathered quite a large number of people who want to defend their rights and prove to people for whom this topic was previously taboo, that such a vital position is absolutely normal and adequate. But at the event there were aggressive contradictions between people with different views on life, to which the police immediately reacted, and all the incidents were exhausted. It should also be noted that even the US ambassador to Ukraine, Jeffrey Piett, congratulated Odessa on the peaceful conduct of the March of Equality festival and stressed that this is the first step for changes in Ukraine for the better.

Last year similar events took place in Kiev on June 12, in the same year March of Equality “KievPreid-2017” will be held in the Ukrainian capital on June 18. According to preliminary data, at least five thousand activists will take part in it. Also at the festival there will be people who do not belong to sexual minorities, but support and respect the vital position of others. The government will take all measures to prevent conflicts. The protection of law and order will involve servicemen of the National Guard and members of public organizations. The main measures for the absence of conflicts are the restriction of access to the place of passage of the parade, as well as the establishment of metal detectors.

The main initiators of the festival are Europe and the United States, who are confident that thanks to such actions Ukraine will be able to move to a new level of mutual understanding within the country.