E-skin will complement the existing progress

Usually, to interact with augmented reality, a person needs to connect using additional devices and gadgets. Usually these are the systems of the most “advanced” cameras. But this method does not allow us to determine the amplitude of small movements. For example, a slight wiggling of the fingers.

The new “e-skin” allows you to catch even the smallest movements. And does not require bulky equipment.
“E-skin” is, in fact, small magnetic field sensors that record the parameters of the field of a permanent magnet that is near. The position is fixed with the aid of measurements of various levels of pressure and tension. Special software calculates motion parameters with incredible accuracy.

Technology can be widely used due to its unique properties. Soft robotics, medical prosthetics, etc. You can, for example, place a special sensor on your hands and use the virtual keyboard to print. Or move virtual objects in augmented reality.

The chip itself is tiny and very thin. But the developers say that it can be crushed and bent hundreds of times, and it will not be damaged. Earlier attempts to create such a technology faced the problem of the vulnerability of such devices from oxygen and moisture. Now the e-skin is clad in a protective layer, which makes the chip durable.
This technology should be an excellent addition to existing virtual reality systems. The e-skin is small and the thickness is only 3 micrometers. The outer shell resembles a food film and adheres very well to the body.